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News Release

Green Finance Framework

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Beijing Capital Group Company Limited (“BCG”) firstly published a Green Bond Framework in March 2018 to set out how BCG would raise Green Bonds and to use the proceeds of such bonds to invest in projects and facilities that with environmental benefits. In June 2018, the Green Bond Principals was updated to the 2018 version. BCG’s Green Bond Framework was revised to align with the Green Bond Principles 2018 in August 2018.

This February 2019 update extends the Framework to include the raising of Green Loans and is now titled a GREEN FINANCE FRAMEWORK (“GFF”).  This reflects BCG’s commitment to support and utilize the rapid development in the Sustainable Finance Market to finance BCG’s continued investment in its sustainable business. There are no material changes to the Use of Proceeds or Governance principles from the 2018 document.

This GFF sets out how BCG will enter into Green Financing Transactions to fund new and existing projects with environmental benefits with reference to:

- The International Capital Market Association (ICMA) Green Bond Principles 2018 (GBP 2018)

- Green Loan Principles (LMA and APLMA, 2018, “GLP”)

- Guidelines for Establishing the Green Financial System (Yinfa 2016 Doc No.228) (PBoC, Ministry of Finance, NDRC, Ministry of Environmental Protection, CBRC, CSRC and CIRC)

SECOND PARTY OPINION on BCG’s Green Finance Framework, which confirms it aligns with the four pillars of the GBP, and it is credible and impactful.