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Beijing Capital Co., Ltd. Wins the “Nobel Prize” in the Field of Knowledge Management

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The MAKE (the most admired knowledge enterprise) Award, famed as the Oscar in the field of knowledge management, is the highest honor for the knowledge-driven organizations which have made outstanding achievements in knowledge management. Currently, MAKE Awards come in three levels: China MAKE, Asian MAKE and Global MAKE.

On July 27, 2017, Beijing Capital Co., Ltd. garnered 2017 China MAKE Award and Knowledge Sharing Culture Award. It will, as a representative organization from Chinese mainland, seek to win the Asian and Global MAKE Awards.

The knowledge management project team of Beijing Capital Co. Ltd. filed to the assessment committee of China MAKE Award the application on Knowledge and Action: Knowledge Management of Beijing Capital Co., Ltd, with the contents responding to the eight criteria for assess the performance of potential MAKE winners: creating an enterprise knowledge-driven culture; developing knowledge workers through senior management leadership; delivering knowledge-based products/services/solutions; maximizing enterprise intellectual capital; creating an environment for collaborative knowledge sharing; creating a learning organization; delivering value based on customer knowledge; transforming enterprise knowledge into organizational wealth. In a word, the application systematically presents the past, the present and the future of Beijing Capital Co., Ltd. in knowledge management.