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Talent Cultivation

The Capital Group attaches very importance to the training and career development planning of employees, in particular to the strengthening of the training and fostering of professional managers and business backbones to improve the qualities of high-level talents in an all-round way. The Capital Group has developed the system for the retaining and cultivation of senior talents as well as the standards for senior talent. By launching all sorts of job training and continuous education, it has reinforced the training of high-level and compound talents as planned and step by step. Based on improving employees’ ideology, scientific and cultural competence and physical health, the Capital Group focuses on fostering the employees’ ability to learn, practice and innovate, with the aim to build a learning-oriented organization.

On-board Training

The on-board training is designed to help new employees have a comprehensive understanding of the corporate culture, history, current situation, development strategy, main business and industry characteristics, and familiarize with regulations and rules, their departmental and job responsibilities as well as work procedures, so that they will integrate into the team as soon as possible.

Professional Training

The professional training is targeted at employees’ working abilities, business level and basic requirements of the job, with focus on the improvement of professional competencies and job skills and potential development, so that corporate goals and job requirements will be integrated with employees’ career development plan and professional skills of employees will be improved.

Leadership Training of Professional Managers

The leadership training is aimed to help medium-level executives of the Capital Group develop qualities and skills required for modern international entrepreneurs, improve the Group’s competitiveness and industry status and enhance professional managers' leadership.

Concept: The best welfare a company can give to employees is learning opportunities