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Talent Introduction

Under the guidance of the Scientific Outlook on Development, the Capital Group has developed the guideline of scientific outlook on talents, focused on the general picture of the Group, fostered market-based and professional concepts of talent employment, introduced professionals via campus recruitments, social employment websites, headhunt recommendation, and internal recommendation according to the Group’s strategic adjustment, business demands, and changes to departmental functions, built a pool of outstanding talents, and continued to strengthen the construction of multi-tiered team of talents, in order to gradually realize the market-based way of retaining and fostering young talents with higher education.


The Capital Group has followed the principle of attaching equal attention to both virtues and talents, used virtue, knowledge, ability and performance as main standards to evaluate talents. No emphasis will be placed on the academic degree, title, qualifications or identity. A selection and appointment mechanism that is open, competitive and merit-based will be built to give full play to talents.