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Talent Strategy
  • Human resources concept

    Workforce is the No.1 capital for the Capital Group

    We believe that without outstanding talents, there won’t be remarkable development of the company.
    We regard talents as capital, not a resource.
    Resources are to be consumed, to transfer value rather than add value.
    Capital is for investment and to add the value through continuous investment.
    We regard talents as capital and improve employees’ competences and abilities through training and education to increase their value.
    We promise gold mine for employees, but teach them the skills of gold mining.
  • Competences

    Loyalty, Profession, Integrity and Pursuit of Dream

    Loyalty is what we promise to the company and to each other.
    Profession is our weapon in market competition. Without profession, there is no competitiveness. It’s the way of survival for our employees to command a certain professional skill.
    Integrity is the moral foundation of employees. Everyone should value integrity no matter what he is doing.
    The pursuit of dreams and hard working will give employees a wonderful life and make the company ever last.